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heroes meta

Juni Hanzo hat in Patch ein paar große Änderungen erhalten, die massive Auswirkungen auf die Meta von Saison Zwei der Contenders haben. Juni Hanzo hat in Patch ein paar große Änderungen erhalten, die massive Auswirkungen auf die Meta von Saison Zwei der Contenders haben. Weil 2 Streamer die Meta nicht so toll finden, hat das jetzt welche gewichtung bzw ist ein Argument wofür? Das heranziehen von bekannten.

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Orphea Talent Calculator Now Live We've added Orphea to our talent calculator, so now, you can share your favorite builds with friends!

Heroes of the Storm Heroes Yesterday at Blizzard Blizzard Yesterday at Weekly Brawl - Trial Grounds: If all members of your team die, the round is lost.

The first team to win two rounds wins the brawl. Heroes of the Storm Heroes Nov 08, at Heroes of the Storm Heroes Nov 07, at Heroes of the Storm: Heroes of the Storm Heroes Nov 05, at November 5th Orphea is available for playtesting until next week, check out the latest patch notes for more details.

November 6th Free Hero rotation has been updated for this week and includes Greymane, Sgt. Hammer, Gul'dan, and Zeratul. All Blizzard Franchises Will Have Mobile Titles The very controversial announcement of Diablo Immortal is still what everyone's talking about after BlizzCon has concluded, with fans of the franchise getting pretty upset.

Obsessed with explosives, Junkrat, a ranged assassin from the Overwatch universe, brings chaos and mayhem to the battlefield with his unpredictable damage, scattered abilities, and zone control.

The Junker Demolitionist excels at throwing out bouncing grenades that enemies just can't quite get a grasp of where they'll detonate, mines that will throw enemies away and Junkrat to safety, and traps that catch unsuspecting victims by surprise.

RIP-Tire resembles his ultimate ability in Overwatch where Junkrat activates a motorized bomb that he can control from afar and detonate when it reaches the heart of the enemy team.

Rocket Ride turns Junkrat into a suicide rocketeer, creating a large area of damage on the ground where he lands after his flight, and activating the on-death portion of his trait although, it does not count as an actual death.

Junkrat is best used as a spellcaster that keeps your opponents on their toes. Due to the nature of his abilities, enemies will have a bit more of a difficult time dodging his skills relative to those of other heroes.

This extra distraction will hopefully split your enemies' focus, allowing you to catch them out of position and punish them with your Concussion Mine, or potentially create a scenario where your allies can follow up while your victim is frantically doing geometry in their head.

Gul'dan is the definition of a late-game hero. Although, on paper, he seemingly doesn't really do much during the early game, and may even feel like a liability to the team's support, once he gets rolling, completes his questing talent, gains more self-healing, and scales up, he may pose an unpleasant surprise to the enemies, as they realize the Darkness Incarnate is contributing quite a bit more than he was earlier on in the game.

This ranged assassin has a unique mechanic not currently present in any other hero, in that he does not passively regenerate mana. Instead, he must use his trait, Life Tap, to sacrifice a portion of his health to regain mana and continue casting spells.

Gul'dan makes it high on the tier list due to his high damage output, but more importantly, his effective wave clear. Sweeping through a minion wave with a few abilities allows him to secure the experience for his team quickly, and rotate to a different location to help out for skirmishes or objectives.

How much do you remember from your geometry class? Genji joined us in Heroes of the Storm from the Overwatch universe a little while back, and now his brother also enters the Nexus in an attempt to restore his honor.

Hanzo, the Master Assassin, is a versatile ranged assassin. One of Hanzo's most unique mechanics is Scatter Arrow — the first ability in the game of its kind that uses terrain to split and ricochet multiple times.

This ability truly tests your ability to visualize and conceptualize angles and projections, as if you're unable to do so, you'll only get a mere fraction of damage output of which you're capable.

This also makes positioning with Hanzo a lot more tricky, as he needs to stand relative to terrain off which he plans on bouncing Scatter Arrow, rather than directly relative to his target.

Hanzo also comes with a decent kit of utility. His trait, Natural Agility, gives him sufficient mobility to reposition for good angles or get away from diving enemies.

Sonic Arrow allows him to grant his team vision of an area for a long duration, reducing the danger of fog of war and stealth-based heroes.

Dragonstrike is a powerful zone-control spell that can either devastate an enemy team if they are funneled into a corridor, or force enemies to split apart from each other.

And finally, Dragon's Arrow can be used as a long-range stun to engage from a safe distance. With great mobility and great heals, Rehgar is a prime support for aggressive play.

Rather than having a mount, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf with increased movement speed and a built-in gap-closing lunge on his next basic attack.

Combine this with the slows and utility from the rest of his kit and talents, and the Shaman of the Earthen Ring can be one of the few supports who can pull off a decent initiation to a fight.

Not only do you get great value for the mana cost of your Chain Heal, based purely off numbers, but Ancestral Healing can be used as the ultimate baiting tool, healing most allied characters right back to full health after a one-second delay.

In a team composition with a lot of basic attackers? Bloodlust is a huge support heroic that provides movement speed, attack speed, and life steal to your allies, allowing them to run down the enemy team, obliterating any hopes of their retreat while healing off their shrinking health bars.

A bulky specialist with high pushing ability, Azmodan is the siege hero of Heroes of the Storm, with constant global presence and the ability to collect experience from vacant lanes.

Through the sheer power of his spawns, Azmodan can easily swarm and overwhelm his laning opponent during the first wave of minions, easily getting substantial early-game structure damage and opening up his side of the map quickly.

If you choose to take the Taste for Blood talent, the Lord of Sin requires a good amount of coordination from his allies to get the most out of stacking his Globe of Annihilation.

Although the ability can stack to have enough damage to clear out a wave on its own, it requires minion wave priming up until that point, which can be tricky for allies.

The talent build that we suggest using is far easier to pilot, and involves heavy pushing power. With some of the highest survivability in the game, most people are left with a very tough choice — attack Johanna, only to barely leave a dent in her armor; or ignore her, and constantly get disrupted by her crowd control and utility.

No matter what your enemies are good at, Johanna has a way to stop it. High-damage enemies can't burn down Johanna quickly enough before she walks into range to yank them towards her and cripple their movement speed.

Ranged heroes kiting away from her team can't do much when Johanna flashes her shield at them, glaring the power of the light into their eyes and Blinding them.

To top it all off, her Trait gives her immunity to crowd control for a short duration, making sure nothing can stop her from getting what she wants.

Wielding the powerful element of ice, Jaina Proudmoore has high burst damage output and soft crowd control build right into her kit. With all three of her basic abilities dealing a good chunk of damage and setting her up with a slow for future skillshots to hit, if you get caught by Jaina, it's going to be extremely difficult to get away.

Although not immediately apparent, the Archmage is actually a great initiator due to her long-range Frostbolt and Water Elemental, which can tag an enemy with a slow and let your team catch up to them, or at the very least, force the enemy to use some cooldowns to get them out alive.

If you prefer Ring of Frost instead, prepare to watch enemies scramble to avoid the ring, either isolating themselves from the fight, or clumping up inside the ring to avoid getting rooted, only to fall victim to even more area of effect damage.

The Frost Mage excels at fighting in narrow passages, which helps her get the most out of her powerful zone control. Even though she's not the most flashiest of mages, Jaina is a solid, all-around pick that can reliably fill the mage role on any team composition.

The master of evolution and adaptation, Dehaka feeds off the essence of his fallen enemies, using them to improve his own strength and survivability.

Instead of a mount, the Primal Pack Leader has decided lurking in the bushes is a better tool to becoming an apex predator, and has the ability to teleport to any bush on the map, providing global presence and pressure.

Dehaka comes with one of the best pick-off abilities in the game, Drag. Due to his extreme survivability and self-healing, he can afford to put himself into danger to isolate a high-priority target and force them out of position, soak a bit of damage, then use Burrow and heal to make himself healthy again while the rest of his team sweeps in to back up his initiation.

Although she's been the victim of a string of nerfs since her release, Li-Ming is still one of the most devastating heroes in the game.

If you're looking to deal tons of damage and make flashy plays, the Rebellious Wizard is the character for you. Li-Ming's core kit revolves around a reset mechanic that refreshes the cooldown of all her abilities even her heroic!

This not only helps her jump chaotically around the battlefield with her Teleport, but it also allows her to output relentless area-of-effect damage on the enemy team after she earns her first takedown and gets rolling.

Be careful, though; her offensive prowess comes with a downside of having a very small health pool. Li-Ming requires a relatively higher skill level to be played optimally, as all her damage-dealing abilities can either fail to connect or put her in danger.

Magic Missiles, Arcane Orb, and Wave of Force are all skillshots that can miss, while Calamity Teleport puts her in melee range of her target, and Disintegrate is effectively a self-root.

As a result, those without sufficient character control and mechanics may find her difficult to pilot to success.

The Warlord of the Amani revolves around finding a perfect balance between healthiness and injury, as the more at risk of death he is, the stronger his basic attacks become.

His trait Berserker allows him to injure himself with each basic attack, bringing his health pool down and his attack damage and attack speed up. Because of his dangerous gameplay, Zul'jin requires a bit more skill than other basic attacking heroes to play — not only do you have to consider your own damage output and adjust your stutter stepping to your dynamic attack speed, you also need to ensure that you are positioned properly so your opponents cannot capitalize on the fact that you are always toying with death.

However, when things go south, if you've acquired your heroic ability, you may have an out. Taz'dingo allows Zul'jin to become unkillable for four seconds, preventing lethal damage from sending him to the grave.

This is a way for you to turn the tables on your opponents — if they think they've caught you out of position, make them think again by activating Taz'dingo and Berserker, smashing them for absurd amounts of damage- and speed-buffed basic attacks, then walking away alive from their dead body.

Probably one of the most frustrating heroes to kill, Garrosh is a warrior and tank from the Warcraft universe. Due to his unique passive, he gains increasing armor as he becomes closer to death, making him extremely durable as his health goes down.

Because of this, some may say that he is a master baiter. The Son of Hellscream works best as a disruption tank. His feared combo is Groundbreaker into Wrecking Ball, allowing Garrosh to pull a hero a set distance away from him, then throw his victim over his back and into his team's awaiting hands.

Although long-range heroes may be able to stay at a distance to avoid this combo, even warriors who don't have area-of-effect engage tools should be cautious of this initiation, as it isolates one person far away from their team.

If you opt to go this talent route, all these extra buttons keeps Garrosh players on their toes, forcing them to be more aware of the situational applicability of their kit — making them think and act fast to use the proper tools in the appropriate scenarios.

As the embodiment of the forest, Malfurion brings massive amounts of heals over time, and is the only hero who can directly grant mana and cooldown reduction to an ally.

With his Regrowth on a 5-second cooldown, he can output a lot of health regeneration to his allies, but lacks the burst healing needed to save his team from emergencies, unless he elects to take Tranquility as his heroic.

Although the Archdruid lacks mobility, his Entangling Roots provide a little bit of crowd control that can help him lock down enemies for his team to either escape or follow up.

Overall, Malfurion works best in a mana-hungry, spell-casting team composition with high damage output — he can not only grant them mana, but also let them use their spells more often.

He also works effectively against enemies with poison mechanics that can be easily mitigated by Regrowth, as well as against many spellcasters who may be absolutely crippled if he elects to spec into Twilight Dream for the silence.

A powerful reactive hero, Maiev Shadowsong is a melee assassin from the Warcraft universe who excels in dodging enemy damage, exploiting enemy positioning errors, and controlling the flow of the location of team fights.

With good area-of-effect damage and the ability to both engage and disengage at will, Maiev is a terror to backline enemies who take just a step too close to the middle of the fight.

The Warden's activatable trait, Vault of the Wardens, tests the player's reaction speed by giving them a moment of invulnerability, allowing Maiev to dodge critical crowd control and other impactful enemy abilities to prevent them from stopping her in their tracks.

She can then get into the backline with Spirit of Vengeance or save it for later to escape , control an enemy's movement with Umbral Bind, and zone control with Warden's Cage.

Once enemies are clumped up, she can throw out Fan of Knives, encouraging them to scatter and allowing the rest of your team to come in and take out the enemies in a single-file line.

In exchange for all this high-skill-cap mobility, playing Maiev comes at a cost — a single mistake in decision-making or poor preliminary positioning prior to a fight can mean Maiev gets eliminated before she can react, or gets poked down to a point at which she is no longer able to safely engage on the enemy team.

To ease children's fear of monsters in the dark, parents often tell them that, if you can't see the monster, they can't see you.

This can't be more false in the case of Zeratul, as he appears from the shadows with stealth, highlights your hero, and presses the Delete key on his keyboard.

As a true assassin, Zeratul abuses enemies' poor positioning by picking them off and eliminating them from the fight before they can react.

With a mobility spell in his base kit and multiple options to improve his mobility through talent builds, Zeratul can be a slippery threat that always lingers in the back of carries' minds What makes Zeratul different from other stealthy burst assassins, and the reason he makes it on the upper end of the tier list, is his team fight heroic, Void Prison.

Considered to be one of the strongest heroic abilities in the entire game when used properly, the Dark Prelate creates an area of stopped time, allowing allies outside of the affected region to spend the next five seconds recharging cooldowns and preparing to strike without concern of aim as the time stop lifts.

People don't like being on the receiving end of sucker punches because they get hit without having a chance to prepare or retaliate. Facing a good Sergeant Hammer is essentially like constantly getting sucker punched.

Unfortunately, this is only the case in an ideal situation, and in suboptimal situations, the Siege Tank Operator is a self-rooting sitting duck.

When protected by her team, she can shoot from an extremely far distance and deal an absurd amount of damage without ever getting hit.

However, if the fight were to ever shift towards her, she becomes extremely vulnerable, forcing her to unsiege and be nothing more than a regular basic attacker; if the fight shifts away from her, she needs to unsiege to get back in range.

Luckily, structures can't run away from Sgt. Hammer, and she does a great job at destroying towers from safety.

Although there isn't one particular special thing Arthas does best, he's still a threat as a jack-of-all-trades. Even though the Lich King can be kited around, if he manages to hit his Howling Blast and lock down a target, he can activate his Frozen Tempest and walk into melee range, severely slowing and sticking to his prey.

The amount of burst damage he can deal with his basic abilities and Frostmourne Hungers can leave his victim limping away, if they do survive.

Arthas' bulkiness scales well into late game through his talents, and he can be a lot more difficult to take down than it may seem.

Arthas is not recommended as a solo tank, as he does not come equipped with the kind of crowd control necessary to protect his squishy backline.

His root is a skillshot on a second cooldown, and the only other way to reliably safeguard his carries is to gradually slow enemies with Frozen Tempest by walking alongside them.

He may elect to Summon Sindragosa as his heroic, but that means he sacrifices a large part of his potential sustainability with Army of the Dead.

Although classified as a specialist, if the "support" and "healer" roles were separated, Medivh would be the perfect example of a true support.

Providing a tremendous amount of utility to his team, the Last Guardian has skills that both enable his allies to perform, and protect them from danger.

Medivh's iconic ability is his Portal, which provides near-unlimited mobility to his team — the only downside being that the player needs to predict the flow of the fight and place the portals almost perfectly to get the most value from them.

Medivh is also one of the best at stopping insane amounts of burst damage arriving in short periods of time — but again, requires near-perfect timing and prediction to be effective.

As you can see, a common theme with Medivh is being able to read your allies, your enemies, and the state of the game accurately.

Because of the innately random and disorganized style of Hero League, it is discouraged from playing Medivh with people you don't know.

However, in Team League and professional-level games, where all players have great coordination and can all get the most out of Medivh's abilities, this ranged specialist could potentially be a hidden OP.

Dul'Mephistos, eldest of the three Prime Evils alongside Baal and Diablo, enters the Nexus as an aggressive mage assassin.

His trait, named after his title of Lord of Hatred, makes Mephisto even more dangerous the longer he's engaged in a fight — each basic attack Mephisto lands on an enemy hero reduces his basic ability cooldowns.

Mages are known for their strong abilities that deal a lot of damage — damage that is gated by cooldowns. By putting himself in greater danger to trigger his shorter-ranged basic attacks, Mephisto can dominate the battlefield with heavy area-of-effect sustained damage.

Most of Mephisto's abilities revolve around damaging the enemy, but his Shade of Mephisto is a powerful utility and mobility spell that allows him to negate some of the downside of being a heavy damage dealer.

More damage generally means a more fragile body, but this is partially neutralized by being able to engage into the fight with Shade of Mephisto and unload a rotation of cooldowns, knowing that he will be teleported back to safety again even in the face of enemy crowd control.

This kind of ability introduces depth of strategy for both Mephisto and the enemy team. Mephisto has the option of casting Consume Souls early prior to an objective fight to scare the enemy team away from an engage, or casting it later on in the fight to pick off fleeing enemies.

Mephisto's opponents need to determine whether they need to disengage fights early as a sliver of health remaining is effectively useless against Consume Souls , or fully commit for the final push of damage instead of trying to escape with marginal health.

One glimpse at her facial expression will tell you that Sonya is here to get into the fight and slice people into shreds with her barbaric dual-wielded swords.

Being manaless, and using Fury as a resource instead, Sonya's ability usage is limited only by her cooldowns and her relentless slashing of her swords.

Although classified as a warrior, Sonya is more of a warrior-assassin hybrid, able to get in range with her Ancient Spear gap closer, then spinning to victory with her Whirlwind, which not only deals a lot of damage to an area around her, but also heals her for a percentage of her damage dealt.

If lock-down is what your team needs, Sonya can provide that as well — her Leap heroic can mean the swift death of squishy enemy backline targets.

Sonya is extremely difficult to deal with unless she is locked down during her Whirlwind. The triple healing against heroes, grouped with talents like Nerves of Steel and Ignore Pain, can make it seem like an entire team is focusing down Sonya, but her health bar is still somehow going up.

If the enemy team has some pesky ranged heroes with small health pools that you need to take care of, Anub'arak might be the hero for you.

Equipped with long-range crowd control abilities, as long as you can land your skillshots, the Traitor King has multiple ways to bypass the enemy frontline and dive into the heart of your opponent's setup.

Anub'arak also has the unique ability to render an enemy hero nearly useless for 8 seconds with his Cocoon — an extremely long time, considering it is a hard crowd control effect.

If there happens to be one enemy hero that's changing the outcome of a fight or a Cho'gall, so you can get two-for-one value , go ahead and wrap them in your Cocoon, and Burrow Charge your way to victory.

The beetles Anub'arak passively spawns can be a huge nuisance to enemies who rely on skillshots, as not only do they count as obstructions, they also absorb damage.

Unless there is a basic attacker who outputs good, sustained damage, Anub'arak will have a great time running around causing chaos in the face of spellcasters.

Generally, it's the damage dealers that need to work on skillshot aim, but what if that style was implemented into a healer?

Ana, the Veteran Sniper, is a ranged support hero from Overwatch, and as her title may suggest, she operates with a sniper rifle that requires her to aim her heals.

Now it's not only the assassins complaining about enemies dodging their damage … Ana can complain about her allies dodging her heals!

Ana also comes with a wealth of other utility options. Her Biotic Grenade which is also a skillshot heal has a dual purpose of both damaging enemies and reducing the healing they receive for a short duration — which, with proper timing, can completely negate powerful effects like Ancestral Healing.

Her Sleep Dart renders an enemy completely useless for a duration while her allies focus down other targets. Her first heroic option is Nano Boost, which can give an ally superpower strength; this is most effective when synergized with spellcasters, as the ability gives spell power and cooldown reduction.

Her other heroic is Eye of the Horus, continuing off the sniper theme and giving her another skillshot heal that can also deal damage to enemies.

Having a heroic that can literally move the entire enemy team away — often seen in highlight reels as the means to secure objective steals — Falstad is popular in competitive play due to his damage output, high mobility, global pressure, and utility.

The Wildhammer Thane can be built as a sustained damage dealer through basic attacks, or a bursty mage-like caster through abilities.

His utility allows him to work effectively both in small duels and large team fights. Falstad becomes particularly devastating during the late game when he is able to split the enemy team in half with Gust, then burst down isolated targets with the immensely stacked damage from Gathering Storm to finish them off before their allies have a chance to recover from the Gust and come in for the save.

However, don't put all your trust in Gust. In uncoordinated settings, or if you are inexperienced with using Gust, it may be better to select Hinterland Blast.

Not only could Gust throw your teammates off guard with the displacement of your enemies, but if used improperly, you could end up giving the entire enemy team a free gap closer in their preferred direction.

Hinterland Blast is much more straightforward — aim towards your enemies and press R to deal damage. Often seen as the melee version of the more classic stealth hero Nova, Valeera lurks the battlefield with stealth until she is ready to appear behind an enemy and burst them down to death.

Someone truly fitting of the classification "assassin," the Shadow of the Uncrowned gains a special set of abilities when she is in stealth form so she can open on an enemy, either from range or with some form of disabling strike, then finish them off with the rest of her kit.

In exchange for being a melee character, Valeera has a gap closer built into her kit — Sinister Strike — that has its cooldown drastically reduced if she hits a heroic enemy.

Valeera also works on a combo point system, where the more enemies she damages with her abilities, the more combo points she earns, which she can spend to empower or Eviscerate, her finishing move.

Because it's not optimal to go in and assassinate a target, then end up exchanging your life for theirs, both of Valeera's heroic abilities revolve around defensive mechanics.

Smoke Bomb allows Valeera to move around in an area without being revealed, even upon taking damage; this allows her to plan a tactical escape, or continue damaging enemies without much fear of retaliation.

Cloak of Shadows cleanses her of damage-over-time abilities and makes her unstoppable, allowing her to get out of sticky situations and avoid crowd control to keep her in place.

Although he appears to be AFK, Abathur is actually there playing the game, and ironically, having a global influence. Abathur is a unique hero that deals most of his damage through his Symbiote, an ability that allows him to latch on to an allied unit and gain a new set of damaging and shielding abilities, and his Locusts, little creatures that spawn from his body and walk down the nearest lane.

The Evolution Master needs to be careful, though, and there's a reason why he stays in base most of the time.

He comes with the smallest heroic health pool in the game, leaving him extremely prone to assassination, or even death through incidental damage.

As long as your team can balance the disadvantage of not having a fifth body to soak up damage during team fights, Abathur can send his team's experience soak skyrocketing from lanes that would otherwise be vacant.

Abathur can elect to go one two viable builds, a Symbiote build or a Mine build. The Symbiote maximizes the effectiveness of the abilities he gains when placing Symbiote on an ally, and is particularly effective if you have a melee hero on your team who relies heavily on basic attacks to deal damage.

The Mine build turns his Toxic Nests into powerful zone and path control tools that slow enemies and deal damage to them before they can safely reach their destination.

Get your sunglasses ready, because the Light is a force to be reckoned with. Often called a healbot, Uther provides some decent utility as a support, but truly shines through his incredibly high healing output, keeping his allies alive in their times of need.

The Lightbringer comes with two basic abilities that heal — one single-target heal, and one area-of-effect projectile heal that also deals damage to enemies.

When healing just isn't enough, Uther also has his Divine Shield to make one of his allies invulnerable for a short duration.

When Uther makes the ultimate sacrifice, he is rewarded with even more healing — his trait, Eternal Devotion, allows him to continue healing allies for 8 seconds after his own death.

Known for her trait Avoidance, Cassia gains 65 physical armor against heroic basic attacks while she is in motion. Because she essentially doesn't have a trait anymore if she is not moving, it is especially important to move between attacks commonly known as stutter stepping , which naturally puts her at a higher skill cap.

Her strong trait comes at a cost — because of her relatively low health pool, relatively high damage output potential, and the fact that people are aware she is tankier while moving, she is prone to getting hard crowd controlled and bursted down by the enemy team.

Even though she has an aggressive gap closer in Fend, proper positioning and spacing is especially important on Cassia if you want to avoid being taken out of the fight quickly.

The Amazon Warmatron comes with a bit of utility with her blind from Blinding Light, as well as her pseudo-displacement ability Ball Lightning.

Her first heroic option creates a ball of lightning that bounces among enemies, with a Level 20 upgrade that makes the bouncing infinite.

This essentially acts as a soft crowd control, naturally splitting apart enemies who don't want to end up killing each other; your team may be able to capitalize on this by focusing in on isolated targets.

Although officially classified as a warrior, Tyrael is essentially a support in disguise, working primarily by enabling his allies to do well.

With great mobility through a movement speed buff and a gap closer, as well as great utility in shields and invulnerability, the Archangel of Justice can be a deciding factor when it comes to making sure your team's backline stays alive long enough to finish off the enemies before falling themselves.

A great offense could be a great defense, and Tyrael has enough build diversity to spec into damage as well. Judgment is one of the greatest long-range isolation tools, and with the proper follow-up, it could literally clear the way for an easy team fight win, either through an initiation or an interrupt on an important channeled spell.

Every game has a hooker, and Heroes of the Storm's is Stitches. With his iconic ability, quite simply named Hook, Stitches is known for grabbing enemies who are far-enough away from the fight to feel a false sense of security, then throwing them right into the center of the chaos.

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Will New Heroes Morph the Meta? Weiterführende Informationen erhalten Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung von Golem. Heroes of the Storm. Erschöpfungskrieger Viele Kontrollkrieger nutzen nur Karten mit ungeraden Kosten, um Zugriff auf die verbesserte Heldenfähigkeit zu erhalten, aber diese Version hat andere Stärken. Braucht ihr etwas Abwechslung in gewerteten Spielen? Vielleicht wollt ihr bei gewerteten Spielen ein neues Deck oder eine neue Klasse ausprobieren und wisst nicht, wo ihr anfangen sollt. Alle hier erwähnten Marken sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Inhaber. Deshalb würde es mich einfach mal interessieren ob es schon eine Meta gibt? Oder vielleicht wolltet ihr auch eine Klasse spielen, die ihr noch nie richtig ausprobiert habt. Dylan Walker, Blizzard Entertainment Für viele Tiere haben sie jedoch fatale Auswirkungen. Heute dann eine handvoll Spiele gespielt und gemerkt wie grottig HS derzeit ist: Time Traps have great value because all of the flank routes are through choke points, and Temporal Loop wins you the video game at level 8 because you can get a pick off on the bottom lane for free. His Bunker Drop Heroic and Jet Propulsion ability have major playmaking potential with a coordinated team. Gibt es schon eine Meta Autor: Logitech hat eine ikonische Gaming-Maus mit verbesserter Technik erneut veröffentlicht. Tesla lässt Atari-Games ins Auto und wichtigste Funktion weg. Hanzo is a difficult Hero that requires a steady hand when it comes to landing skill shots and Heroic abilities. Will New Heroes Morph the Meta? In terms of Warriors in the region, E. Oktober zum Testen verfügbar. Tier 1 besteht aus 2x Druide und 2x Hexer.. Neues Thema Ansicht wechseln. Macht null Bock mehr zu spielen, immer die gleichen Decks! Dylan Walker, Blizzard Entertainment Und wenn ja ob es bei den einzelnen Karten verschiedene Metas gibt. Letzteres kann auf einer kleinen Karte natürlich nicht zwangsläufig effektiv ausgespielt werden. Lasst es uns auf TwitterFacebook oder in den Kommentaren unten spiele 3 liga heute In particular, Sonic Arrow incentivizes Hanzo picks, given both the potency of additional vision and responding to the reworked stealth Heroes. Sucht ihr in Hearthstone nach etwas Abwechslung? Wenn euch der Sinn mal nach etwas Anderem steht, dann werft einen Blick auf unsere Zusammenstellung einfallsreicher Decks abseits der Beste Spielothek in Buchenhorst finden, die im Rang Legende gute Erfolge erzielt haben! Hanzo is a difficult Hero that requires a steady hand when it comes to landing skill shots and Heroic abilities. One of the strangest data points was that Li-Ming, one of the most-picked Heroes over the weekend, struggled in North America, winning only three of the twelve drafts she was involved Beste Spielothek in Winkel finden. Sucht ihr in Hearthstone nach slot games offline download Abwechslung? Wenn Sie weiter durch die Webseite browsen, nachdem Ihnen die Cookie-Informationen angezeigt wurden, erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden. Rekutierungs Warrior von Linja. While Leoric and Johanna won all their games, the two were only picked deutsches online casino a total of seven times combined. Neues Thema Ansicht wechseln.

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