Board Rules
Welcome to Afterlife! We are pleased that you've decided to join our community and look forward to getting to know you better. All members are required to read and agree to our guidelines before posting and participating on Afterlife. Thank you and once again, welcome!


  • Members must be at least 25 years of age before they can join. There is NO exception to this rule.

  • Registration is and will remain INVITE ONLY. This means a current member will need to provide you with a registration code before you will be allowed to join the community but the Board Members will have the final say on member approvals.

  • Multiple accounts are forbidden and will result in deletion and/or a permnanet ban of the main account.

Afterlife reserves the right to reveal a member's identity, or whatever information we know about that member, including a member's IP address, to the appropriate parties in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by that member.

Inactive members will be deleted on a monthly basis.

Members found lurking will have their accounts deleted and if the behavior continues, banned.


  • If we find that you are showing any degree of tolerance to racism, you will be banned immediately, no questions asked.

    Please allow this to serve as a warning of the zero tolerance policy here in the Afterlife community. This involves all aspects, including any social media and outside communications programs.

  • While staff may occasionally intervene depending on the issue at hand, everyone that is part of this community is considered an adult and are expected to act accordingly.

  • If you decide to throw a tantrum or run to a staff member for a situation which should be resolved by the parties involved, whether the resolution results in using the ignore member function or an agreement to act civilly, in spite of the issues that occurred, depending on the situation, the parties in question will receive a warning and/or a temporary/permanent ban.

  • Further issues/altercations will result in a permanent ban. In other words, we don't have the time nor the desire to play babysitter and expect that like all adults, you'll handle your shit.

  • If you want to leave-- leave. Flounce posts will only serve to get you mocked endlessly.

  • If you don't like it here, we probably don't like you here either.


Your account may be deleted for the following reasons:
  • Violation of forum rules and terms.

  • Inactivity.


  • This community is a community of intention, therefore we expect posts to contribute and/or add value to the contents of a discussion.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to post in the appropriate forums. Posts found in the wrong forums will be moved or deleted without warning.

  • Members who continue to post in the wrong forums will be warned and if the behavior continues, banned.

  • Opinions given are owned by the member(s) who post them and may not reflect the opinions of the forum staff.

  • Lastly, be sure to label threads that could be professionally compromising (i.e. NSFW).

  • Stale content is just that: stale. At the start of a new month threads that have been open longer than 30 days will be closed and archived.

    • Once a thread has been locked, it will be moved to our archives, which is ONLY accessilbe to Staff

    • The only exceptions to this rule are the Challenge threads (365 Days Of..), all Hoarders content, and any thread that has been giving an exception for a previously specified reason.


  • Member photos need to be exactly 400x400 in size.

  • Personal photos are just that-- a personal photo of YOU.

  • Photos that are not sized appropriately will be removed.

  • If a staff member has to remove your photo, you will be given a warning for making us work harder than necessary.


  • Images are cool in moderation and when sized appropriately. With that in mind keep your signature to a maximum of 950x500 pixels and limit the use of .gifs because it bogs down the board.

  • Avatars should be no larger than 200x200 and no smaller than 100x100px.

  • If you fail to adhere to these guidelines your avatar and/or signature will be deleted without discrimination or warning. You'll also pick up a warning for the extra work you caused.

  • You get ONE warning for this. After that, we will have discovered you can't read and you'll be banished, indefinitely.

Terms of Use
By agreeing to the rules you agree that the forum owners cannot be held responsible for any emotional, mental, physical, or financial upset or loss.

By using this site, including reading this page, linking to, or otherwise accessing the content herein whether through archival copies or current versions, or in any other manner, you indemnify and hold harmless both the website operator, owner, users, and any others related to, or connected with, this site, in all matters both legal and civil. Breach of this clause or any other is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and constitutes criminal trespass which will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You agree that any violation you commit is willful on your part, and agree to pay any and all debts accrued due to, related to, or exacerbated by, your violation of this or any other clause. Continued use of this site in any way constitutes a binding agreement to this and any other clause.

Management has the right to modify, remove, or add to the rules without prior notice or warning. It is your responsibility to keep yourself current and up to date with Afterlife policies and procedures.

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